A global network of local support for blood donation

About Us

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Takes All Types (TAT) is a not-for-profit company that uses online social networks to connect a new generation of blood donors to the blood collection organizations who urgently need them.

Why should we care about blood? Only 5% of Americans who are eligible to donate do so, and their average age is 50. Without a younger generation to replace them, our nation will face an even more severe healthcare crisis.

TAT appeals to a socially active and civic-minded new generation of donors. Using this website and online social networks like Facebook (http://apps.facebook.com/takesalltypes/), MySpace, text messages (text 'BLOOD' to 69866) and other channels, TAT enables caring people to quickly and conveniently be on-call as volunteers and blood donors. Show the world your proud participation and encourage your friends to donate too!

Your participation saves lives. When you volunteer to become a Takes All Types blood donor, you’ll get personalized alerts whenever your local community needs your type of blood. You can receive the alerts by text message, Facebook, phone, fax, and e-mail, telling you where and when you can donate.

If we raise the number of donors who give by just one percent (1%) we can end the chronic blood shortage.

Our Team

Ben Bergman
Founder & Executive Director

Matt Gordon
Treasurer & In-house Council

Bill Schmitt

Avtar Khalsa
Lead Developer

Ilya Novodvorskiy
Marketing Coordinator

George Spanoudakis


Advisory Board

The TAT Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in social media, non-profits, finance, medicine, public policy, and academia.

Michael Ryan
Founder, Chairman, EiG
Board Member, Healthcare.com

Andrew Rasiej
Founder, Personal Democracy Forum
Founder & Chairman, MOUSE

Jason Olim
Founder, CDNow
Co-Founder & CEO, Freshman Fund

Nathanial Brochin
Founder, Rare Medium
Founder, Groupable

Joel Smernoff
Founder, Founders Club

Ellen Cohen
Dean, Harris School of Public Policy
University of Chicago

Howard Siebel
Founder & Managing Director, Wharton Strategic Services

Mark Herschberg
Technology & Business Program Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pete Krainik
Chairman, the CMO Club

David Pachter
Chairman, Bond Street Group

Matthew Gordon
Managing Director, Oak Street Advisors

David West Smith
Founder, Global Emerging Technologies